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 The Character Creation System

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The Character Creation System Empty
PostSubject: The Character Creation System   The Character Creation System EmptySun Aug 12, 2007 1:07 pm

The Character Creation System

Quote :
Firstly, the Character Creation system isn't compulsory but it is the preferable way of building a character that has a past. You'll notice a wide range of choices avaliable and it's worth noting that some of these choices carry future storylines with them so only choose what you feel comfortable with as once a biography has been submitted to Barnes and Noble and approved by an av, it becomes your official biography which will be used in news stories and the like. The aim of the game is have fun but it's also to simulate American politics as realistically as we can and that is why we prefer characters to at least have local politics experience. It's impossible for a teacher of 40 years to join the Republicans on Wednesday and be President by Friday.

To get you started, we've put together an example of a character build here; http://polus.forumotion.com/General-c1/Sign-In-f2/Character-Creation-f22.htm

which you can use to see how the system works.

Every player is entitled to 120 Points. To gain more points, please see this topic; http://polus.forumotion.com/General-c1/Sign-In-f2/Character-Creation-f22/Points-for-Scandals-t12.htm
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The Character Creation System
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