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 An Example

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PostSubject: An Example   Sun Aug 12, 2007 1:26 pm

b. 9th March 1932
Congresswoman for 2nd Vermont

Quote :
Born to Wealthy WASP Parents : 5 Points
Married "Normal" Parents : 0 Points
Married Heterosexual : 0 Points
1 Child : 0 Points
Private Primary and Secondary Schooling : 10 Points
UK University : 10 Points
Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics: 10 Points
Master's Degree (with Bachelors Only) : 10 Points
Ph.D (with Bachelors and Masters Only) : 10 Points

Financial Occupation : 10 Points
Existing Firm : 11 Points

Municipal Councilwoman for 5 Years : 10 Points
Mayor : 15 Points

Entered House of Representative at 43 : 0 Points
Elected Republican Congresswoman for 2nd Vermont
Secretary of Veterans Affairs : 5 Points

Total : 96 Points

Or you could write your biography in the following way;

b. 9th March 1932
Congresswoman for 2nd Vermont

Quote :

Vanda Sarah Johnson was born to Virgil and Millicent Bailey in the affluent town of Laurel Hollow, NY on the 9th March 1932. She was educated privately at St Martha's Convent School and Laurel Hollow Girl's High School before going to the UK where she was educated at Oxford University. She obtained a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics, followed by a Masters and finally a Doctorate. It was in England that she met her future husband, William Johnson. The couple married in 1959 and Vanda had a daughter, April, a year later.

She worked at S.J Martin and Sons, a shipping import company in which she was a clerk for 6 years before leaving to enter the world of politics. She joined the Republican party and sat as a municipal councilwoman for Laurel Hollow for a total of 5 years and then serving as Mayor of Laurel Hollow before going into the House of Representatives in 1975. In 1977, she was made Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

She currently resides in Laurel Hollow with her husband and three cats. She enjoys fishing, music, writing and reading. Her other hobbies include needle-point, cookery and amateur dramatics.

You can write your biography either way. You should try and spend all of your 120 points as if you don't, they can't be used in the future. If you'd like more points, see our Points for Scandals topic.

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An Example
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