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 Points for Scandals

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Points for Scandals

Quote :
So you've used your 120 Points but you really want that mafia connection and need more? Well, we knew this would happen so we've made preparation. Points can be bought in exchange for scandals. You decide your scandal and an av will agree this with you prior to your biography being published. It is advisable NOT to include your scandal in your biography. Scandals are more or less likely to emerge based on three factors;

1. The Number of Points. 10-20 points won't require a big scandal and are less likely to be revealed. 20-40 points will require quite a large scandal that will not be easily discovered but may come out at any time. 40-60 points will require a real whopper of a scandal that is most likely to emerge at a very inconvenient time. In scandal terms, this is Deep Throat.

2. How well-known you become. If you're in the newspapers every day, it's most likely that people will begin to fish for dirt. The more high profiled you are, the more likely it is that someone will put two and two together and come up with public shame. If you're gunning for the White House, a scandal could help but when it comes out, prepare to do serious damage to your credibility.

3. Inactivity. Inactive players are a hinderance to any game and in the event that they are inactive with a scandal, that scandal may come out and give the avs a legitimate reason to write them out of the game when they disappear.

Anyone wishing to discuss a scandal proposition should send a private message to Carmen.
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Points for Scandals
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