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 The Rules

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The Rules

Quote :
This is a game and as such, we want you to have fun. If you're not enjoying PoliticsUS, then there's a serious problem and so these rules are to ensure everyone can enjoy the game. Our rules are based on respect; respect for players, respect for the admin team and our respect for you. So, with respect in mind, we present; The Rules.

1. Keep it Real

Politics can be a dirty business. Slander, verbal attacks and insults are fine between characters (though the public expect more of their politicians than just brawling) but there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for flaming or personal attacks of the people behind the characters. This will lead to discipline and if a complaint is lodged against you for this behaviour, we will take it very seriously. OOC friendship can make the game much more fun but at the same time, OOC partisanship can make the game hostile and we don't want that.

2. No cheating.

Cloning, spying or otherwise using technology to illegally manipulate the game will NOT be tolerated. Absolutely no multiple accounts will accepted and will result in a ban from the game. We can see IP addresses people.

3. Leaking

This is a tricky one and as it's an IC problem, we deal with it IC. However, there are exceptions. Leaking information from one party into another after you've restarted will not be tolerated. It really isn't fair.

4. Restarting

Restarting is tiresome but inevitable at times. We don't want lots of restarts going on because generally they cause game upheaval but if they do happen, here's what we do. If you wish to restart, please PM an av to get permission. If you get that permission, you'll need to wait a week to introduce your new character. If you restart for a second time, you'll need to wait three weeks. We do not allow third or fourt restarts in one round unless you have some dire and extreme reason.


MSN/AIM aregreat tools and we know our players will use ithem. However, whatever is said on an Instant Messager is strictly OOC unless it's clearly stated otherwise. For example, when an av wishes to interview you, he or she will make it clear that the conversation is IC from a certain point. You should do the same if you wish to bring IM conversations into game. It's only fair.

6. Resets

The game will restart at an undetermined point. Probably when the game departs from reality so much it becomes hard to manage, or once players are board with the current scenarios, or when the Admins feels it's time. Like other sim it's a "Play by ear" policy. It is yet undetermined whether or not we will reset back to 1980.

7. Signatures, Avatars and Names

Though they can look pretty, they can also look big and clunky. We do allow picture signatures but these should be no bigger than 600 or taller than 200 pixels. And that's really the biggest.

You must choose an avatar that could pass for an American politician in the early 80s. We are fairly loose on this because we trust the judgment and creative intuition of our players. If we see a problem we will deal with it.

Your character must have a realistic name. That name must be your username. Your username must include your party initial in parenthesis. If you registered otherwise, that's fine. You can have your name changed here.

Examples of Good Names;

William McGray III (D)
Shiela Adams (R)
John W. Froy (I)

Examples of Bad Names;

Fathead O'Strange
Elvis Presley
The Pope

8. Political Parties

We have the Republican and the Democratic Parties. These will be the only two established political party. Players will be allowed to identify themselves as an Independent or a third party, but they cannot run in any elections without the endorsement of a major party AND there will be a cap of 3 independents. Independents may campaign in the race for the House, but the effects will be minimal and no third party will ever become large or powerful, and they won't get much recognition unless game events turn in unexpected directions.

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The Rules
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