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Game Play

Quote :
The House of Representatives

Characters are members of the United States House of Representatives. The House is lead by a Speaker. The Speaker is a member of the Majority Party. There will also be a Majority and Minority Leader and a Majority and Minority Whip. Majority in the House will be determined by an election. The election does not involve players campaigning to hold their actual seats, but rather the party working as a whole to win majority. More can be found about these elections in the elections rules thread.

Voting will be done proportionately.

The Senate

The Senate will be admin controlled until further notice. The Chairman may designate one member of their party to create a multi that will be a "Senate Whip" and who's primary purpose will be to whip bills. The Chairman of the party controlling the Senate may also designate the same or an additional person to create a multi to be the "Senate Majority Leader or President Pro Tempore" who will choose a docket. Majority in the Senate will be based on which party wins the spin wars as well as the House elections and the Presidency.

The White House

The President will be player controlled. He/she will be elected every 4 IG years. He or she will appoint people to the Cabinet and will also appoint a Vice President. These will be taken from specially approved multi characters. The Vice President may have duties regarding foreign policy that he/she and other cabinet members will learn about that upon election/appointment.

State Visits/State of the Union

State Visits are an important part of political life, especially in the 1980s and Admistrations will be expected to host at least two in one IG year.

The Media

There shall be 3 main media entities:

The Press Releases: Press releases shall be the main vehicle in which players communicate with the public. Press releases shall be individual threads created by players, which will be responded to by an admin who will provide feedback but not a score.

Editorials: Admins will grant players the opportunities to start newspapers and op-eds, however there will be several av-controlled newspapers.

Admin controlled news that should be taken as unbiased and true will be released through the CNN. Along with that there may be commentary on game events.
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Game Play
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