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 Press Release Rules

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PostSubject: Press Release Rules   Sun Aug 12, 2007 3:34 pm

The Rules

Quote :
What is a PR?

A Press Release is how you communicate with the public but bear in mind the title - PRESS release. Before it gets to the public, it gets to the press and they will ignore or approve. A speech is not a press release, a document telling us where you gave a speech and what you said in it is a press release. Example;

Dr. John B. Adams III, Republican Congressman for 1st California District today spoke at the Eleanor Roosevelt Hospital, California on the issue of hospital cleanliness.

[Maybe a Picture]

Quote :
Hospitals are lovely and need to be clean.

Afterwards he toured wards and met patients.

We will then read and give feedback on how the speeches were taken.


You have permission to address local audiences, community centres, local schools, local hospitals and anything low-key. You can also address the press at any location that's within your district. However, for more national settings or organisations, apply for av approval.

You should note which av gave you permission at the end of your PR as follows;

*Approval by Carmen.
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Press Release Rules
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